About Naturelle

Naturelle Food Inc was created right at the dawn of the new decade with the aim of reaching the the US Market for gluten-free ingredients. They are naturally so good, you can’t tell by the taste or by texture that it’s actually gluten-free!

Together with our partners, we ensure that we supply your company with nutritious and palatable gluten-free ingredients that brings on the nutritional benefits to your gluten-free products while maintaining the taste that your consumers have always loved with your baked goods.


Nutritious and delicious meals from natural resources in every household.


To provide our customers with gluten-free and casein-free ingredients that are of highest quality from natural resources while establishing a long-lasting and meaningful relations with them.


We are a company that relies on the principle of collaborative work ethics. We work together as a team.

We believe that an open communication line is the key for continuous growth and improvement. Everyone’s feedback is of utmost importance. Everyone includes not only our team, but our customers as well, who are our top priority.

Naturelle Food have been manufacturing gluten-free raw products since 2019. Through the years, we have supplied these known brands and we continually grow our market especially here in the United States.